Duncan McFarlane & the Duncan McFarlane Band

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Tickets are available now for The Duncan McFarlane Band at Heart, Headingley
8pm, Saturday December 2nd, with support from Sabrina Piggot.

Get your tickets and more info at Heart's Website

Duncan McFarlane

'Classy English Folk Guitar, eminently listenable vocals and great songs, both traditional and contemporary' (Mike Raven)
'Duncan's a punchy guitarist in the 'English folk' style and offers a set about equally split between his own songs, other people's and traditional'
'Duncan has an obvious feel for the tradition and a deep-rooted belief that it has a place in the current folk scene,
aspects which he puts across with lively showmanship. 'His own songs show a canny grasp of, and response to, the tradition, while his intrinsic seriousness of intent and approach is often laced with a healthy irreverence that happens to be hugely entertaining'
(Living Tradition) 

....and the Duncan McFarlane Band...

             ‘Absolutely great; The Duncan McFarlane Band CD ‘All Rogues & Villains’ is chock full of great stuff, really powerful playing and singing.
                                                                                                              – Mike Harding, BBC Radio Two, Folk & Roots Show

'Essentially solid, energetic English electric folk, full of pumping riffs and loads of energy'
'Robust folk-rock - reels, jigs and stout songs, well-executed and infectiously lively'
'It’s nice to find a folk-rock band that understands both folk AND rock and knows how to draw on one without diluting the other'
'The world can always use more good English folk-rock and this is loud, fast music, based on the rhythms of English country dance music with sharp-edged electric guitar leads, electric fiddle, and gutsy, gritty singing'
(quotes from fRoots, the Yorkshire Evening Post, Dirty Linen (USA), Shreds & Patches)

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